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Biographical Notes: Philipp Frank
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[5. Biographical Notes.]

Philipp Frank.

The physicist and philosopher of science Philipp Frank (Vienna 1884 - Cambridge, Mass. 1966) studied at Gottingen with David Hilbert and Felix Klein and at Vienna, where he received (1907) his degree in physics under the direction of Ludwig Boltzmann. In the same year Hahn, Frank, and Neurath began their meetings in a Viennese café, where they discussed the new philosophy of science and epistemology. In 1912 he held the chair of theoretical physics at the German University of Prague. Frank was an editor of series Schriften zur wissenschaftlichen Weltauffassung and Einheitswissenschaft. He moved to the USA in 1938 where he taught physics and philosophy of science at Harvard University. His work Foundations of Physics was published in 1946 in the International Encyclopedia of Unified Science. From 1949 to 1966 he was president of the Institute of the Unity of Science. He wrote several essays on philosophy of physics: Between Physics and Philosophy, Cambridge, Mass., 1941; Einstein: His Life and Time, New York, 1953; Relativity: A Richer Truth, Boston, 1950.

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