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I'm an Italian historian and philosopher of science born in 1961. From 1980 I studied philosophy, mathematics and physics at the University of Rome La Sapienza. Among my teachers were logicians Carlo Cellucci and Dag Prawitz, philosopher of science Vittorio Somenzi, philosopher of language Tullio De Mauro, physicist Mario Ageno. In 1984 I was awarded my degree in philosophy with a dissertation on logic written under the direction of Cellucci, entitled Teorie formali per definizioni induttive iterate (Formal theories for iterated inductive definitions). In 1987 I qualified as a teacher of philosophy, psychology, history and Italian literature in secondary and middle schools. In 1988 I qualified as EDP programmer and analyst. From 1997 to 2006 I was an editor of the Italian e-journal Notiziario di informatica, with the primary responsibility concerning history and philosophy of computing. Since 1998 member of Società Filosofica Italiana (Italian Philosophical Society).

My name: Mauro Murzi
Contact: mauro@murzim.net