Mauro Murzi's pages on Philosophy of Science - Quantum mechanics
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1. Introduction.


     Features of Schrödinger quantum mechanics.

2. Mathematical elements.

     Complex numbers.

     Geometrical representation of complex numbers.

     Examples of geometrical representation of complex numbers.

     Complex functions of real variables.

     Derivative of a complex functions.

     Partial derivatives.

3. Schrödinger equations.

     State description in classical physics.

     Quantum operators.

     First Schrödinger equation.

     Simplifying first Schrödinger equation.

     Bohr energy levels.

     State description in quantum mechanics.

     Second Schrödinger equation.

     A brief recapitulation.

4. Applications.

     Tunnel effect.

     Transmission coefficient.

     Alpha radioactivity.

5. Heisenberg indeterminacy principle.

     Commutative operators.

     Non commutative operators.

     The effect of measurement on Ψ-function.

     Mean values.

     Applications of the indeterminacy principle.

6. Links.

     Links and further reading.

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